I hereby resolve to…

This year’s resolution isn’t exactly about being green. It’s about a serious lack of green. Or since I’m in Canada… purple, red, blue, beige and green. In other words, I’m broke. Have been teetering on the cusp of financial despair since I went back to school six years ago, but up until this December, I’ve been managing to stay in the black. Last month I went into overdraft for the first time. Only by $30 or so, but it really stressed me out. My credit card is maxed, my student loan has been used up. Drastic measures need to be taken. It just so happens that those measures are also good environmental choices.

Measure #1:
Stop driving. When my insurance came due at the end of November, I let it lapse. I’ve been car-free in the past, so this hadn’t been too much of an adjustment. It has, however, been a huge savings. No insurance, no repairs, no gas. Hurray!

Measure #2:
Clean out the cupboards. I’ve hardly grocery shopped at all since the beginning of December, instead living off all the stuff that’s been sitting around in my kitchen. This has meant a lot of rice and bean dishes, but I like to cook and I’m creative, so it’s okay. Will feel really dumb if there is a major storm and I’m stuck without supplies, but otherwise, this has saved me about $100 so far, based on previous monthly food expenditures. Taking the same approach with my bathroom. Using up lotion, shampoo and deodorant that I already have rather than being wooed by sales or pretty packaging into buying new stuff.

Measure #3:
Have no fun for 30 days. I’m not going to eat out or go out except for a few select events this month. Rocky Horror on the 6th. Marquis Funkraiser on the 20th. But I have a ton of schoolwork to get done, so I’m going to focus on that rather than, you know, having any fun.

Measure #4:
Inspired by an article about these folks (linked on the Worsted Witch’s blog), and of course, Adbusters’ Buy Nothing Day, my New Year’s resolution is to buy nothing that isn’t essential for the month of January. I’ll start with January. See how it goes after that. I’m going to use a fairly strict definition of essential. Food (including cat food… for the cats… things haven’t gotten that desperate yet), meds and feminine hygiene supplies. That’s it. A good friend sent me the link to this. My cards are tucked inside and staying that way.

Will be updating this blog once a week to let you know how it’s going. Whether I’ve cracked under the desire for a new do-dad, or if I’m managing to stay off the wagon. Or is it on the wagon? I’m never sure but you know what I mean.


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