update #3

Things are back on track since I remembered the stash of leftover Christmas baking. Still munching away, but not buying any treats. I’ve been avoiding stores and magazines. I find that I “need” much less when I’m not constantly being told what to buy. I don’t have television, which helps. I do have a tv and dvd player, but no chanels.

Watched “The Island” on Sunday, borrowed from my sister. Couldn’t help but notice the tons of product placement. There was so much of it and it was so blatant. Because the movie is set in the future. I kept thinking, ya, right, you wish Nokia. Think you’ll be around in 2019? Remember Atari?

Product placement is very much on my mind these days as I am slogging away at an undergrad thesis on the commericalization of breast cancer. Reading everything, including marketing magazines. As if I wasn’t jaded enough, now I know why those Ford ads are aimed at women in their mid-30s, such as myself. I thought I knew a lot about this stuff already, but this project has been an eye-opener. Want to be jaded too? Check out Think Before You Pink.

Positive side effect: all this jadedness has put me in the right frame of mind for not buying anything. Negative side effect: I feel grumpy.


One thought on “update #3

  1. I too have chosen to limit my spending in January to tidy up my budget. It always gets seriously out of whack in Dec. I was doing great until the drier went.Common sense tells me that it would be foolish to fix an old drier so I now have a new one arriving on Tues. Hard to get or keep ahead isn’t it?

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