Resolutions – Final Report

1. Stop driving. Done and done.

2. Clean out the cupboards. Still working on this one. Food wise, I can check this off. Product wise… well, lets just say I still own four deodorants, and I’m not that smelly. Will continue using stuff up before I buy new stuff.

3. Have no fun. I actually had more fun than I was planning on. Besides Rocky Horror Show and the Funkraiser, I caught three films (Children of Men, Last King of Scotland, Pan’s Labyrinth) in the theatre and a couple of short plays at Stoppard Fest. Not the greatest for the bank account (except that I got treated a couple of times, and one was a cheapie matinee). Probably should have done more work on the ol’ thesis, but the panic should set in any day now and then I’ll really start cooking on it.

4. Buy Nothing. This went really well. Better than I expected, actually. Did not cave, except on the aforementioned junk food. Bought no goods. I did pay soccer and yoga fees, but I’m not counting that as stuff. And I bought two bus tickets into the big city to visit the love of my life, but since I’ve taken my car off the road, it’s either buy bus tickets or be sad and lonely. And nothing was created (in terms of pollution) that wasn’t being created anyway. That bus was running with or without me. The only new item to come into my possession was a fair trade t-shirt that my mother-in-law equivalent gave me as a gift. So how’s that for not too bad?!? Going to keep going with this buying nothing thing for as long as I can.

And now, in that fine bloggie tradition, I tag Melissa. Well, not really. She’s already decided on her own to have a Buy Nothing February. I happen to know that she likes to shop, though in her defence, I also know that she is a serious thrifter. She’s a little scared about the whole thing, but I promise, it doesn’t hurt, and your bank account will thank you. The planet might too, though the planet is a little pre-occupied right now.


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