breaking the fast

Buy Nothing January lasted until today, when it came to a crashing halt, much like a freight train skipping the tracks and slamming into the side of a mountain.

Okay, it wasn’t that bad. Not as bad as it could have been, certainly.

Got tickets to The Police concert in Vancouver on May 28th. (Un)fortunately, not the premium seats at $225 a pop, but still decent seats. This will be a serious bonding experience with my bestest friend of 25 years and it is the fulfillment of the only teen girl fantasy I’ve hung on to. Gave up on marrying Chip Balch ages ago.

Not feeling bad about racking up the ol’ credit card. Sting is well known for being a do-gooder, so…

“A portion of the proceeds from this tour will be donated to WaterAid, an international NGO founded in 1981 and dedicated to reducing poverty by improving access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene education. Working in 17 of the world’s poorest countries, WaterAid and its partners have already helped over 10 million people gain access to water and sanitation and is committed to helping to reduce by half the proportion of people living without these basic necessities of life by 2015. “

I will have to fly to Vancouver to catch this show as there’s just no sustainable transportation way to get there and back in three days (the amount of time I can weasle out of work), so will be looking into ways to offset my flight.

And I will be continuing not buying anything, because I’ve just barely started feeling like my finances are a-okay and I’ve gone and broken the bank.