new wheels = two wheels

Sold my car for $500. To my next door neighbors, an older couple who run a clock repair shop out of their home and whom I’ve never actually seen drive any where. They have some sort of SUV that has been parked for the better part of the nearly 4 years that I’ve been living next door. And now they have a Golf to keep it company. I’m a bit sentimental about the car, so I’m glad that it hasn’t been crushed, but it is a bit weird to see it parked in their driveway…So, $500 richer, I blew the whole wad on some sweet new wheels. Let me just say, bike technology has come a long way since I purchased my Trek Antelope killer-mobile back in 1990. Shocks! Wah? Some kind of new fangled breaks?!? Thankfully, I had the nicest dude helping me chose a suitable bike (Aaron at A&L) and came home with a Norco Vermont. Women’s version, so I can ride to work in skirts. And complete with removeable basket. So now I’m proof positive that one can look really cute on a bicycle while wearing a helmet!