home sweet home

The love of my life and I have finally bought a house, after six months of searching in the stupidly tight and crazy Winnipeg market. I asked for only three things: 1) if there was a garage, I wanted it detached; 2) a shower we can stand up in (it’s been 4 1/2 years since we’ve had that luxury); and 3) a reasonable distance to work, so we could bike. He was more fussy, but in the end, we’re both satisfied and have a place we can (semi) afford.

Now to start “greening” it…

To start, we had an ecoEnergy Evaluation done. This means that we will be eligible for rebates on the energy efficiency improvements we make. The list is long! These are the things we could/should upgrade:

  • windows (all but one)
  • doors (they are wooden, old and not sealed properly)
  • insulation (basically, there isn’t any, and we live in Winterpeg, Manisnowba)
  • hot water heater (ours has reached it’s life span, so we want to switch from gas to electric)
  • shower head (much as I love the torrential downpour we currently have)
  • window frames (need to be caulked)
  • programmable thermostat

On the want list are:

  • new fridge
  • fence for the back yard
  • ceiling fans
  • painting the exterior of the house

Add to this, we have old wooden soffits with a hole in them, and therefore “tenants.” So new soffits, fascia and eaves troughs, though not eco, are essential. Since we aren’t swimming in money, we may go a bit deeper in debt and get a Power Smart loan for some of the work.

And then there is the yard. I have started 5 types of native prairie plants from seed, but let’s just say, it’s going to need a bit more than that…


4 thoughts on “home sweet home

  1. you are 2 funnyi know somehow by the time i meet that patch of yard, it will be transformed my green thumbed friend.congrats to you both – let the adventure begin!oh – and we went with a tankless h20 heater – love itxo

  2. Liane… yep, small. Way smaller than your forest! And smaller than I’m used to, but it will be awesome. Whole back will be veggies and a patio, front is a lovely porch and as little grass as O will allow. Tracy… by the time you’re here next, it’s going to be something. Thinking about tankless, but getting mixed reviews because of our climate. Haven’t decided yet.

  3. I have started a committee to save your garage! Its called CSCG.Coalition to Save Cats Garage!You live in Winterpeg, and it saves energy by not having to plug in your car. Also you can start plants in there and store you bike when your not using it to save energy.It could, depending on orientation serve for a base to mount solar pannels on!.And with the right gutters and roofing channel extra water for gardening.PS I thing you should save the Wood stove too for emergencies!

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