week 2 – the list

2 cans frozen orange juice $1.59 each
half and half $.99
dry black beans $1.54
1 can of tomatoes $1.49
frozen perogies $2.48
5lb bag of oranges $3.98
bulk raisins $.69
1 head of garlic $.17
1 l plain organic yogurt $3.99
broccoli $.99
dry chick peas $1.12
1 can maple brown beans $.99
feta cheese $ $4.35
cauliflower $.93
butter $3.59
cilantro $.48
bulk pasta $2.69
organic bread $3.70
mayonnaise $4.79
TOTAL $42.14

First let me explain why we went over $40. We wanted to buy mayonnaise, but the stuff at the store was so full of crap, that we decided to buy it at our local Food Fare, where were were going to buy bread (fresh, local and organic… and $1.29 cheaper than the bread we bought last week). We estimated that the small mayo at Food Fare was about $3.99, which would still have put us over by $1.34, but we were slightly under last week, so it balances out. Except the mayo was more than we thought.

Could we have bought everything on our list and be under $40? Absolutely! First, if we really only had $40 to spend, we would not have bought the mayo. Or if we were buying everything at the same store, we could have gone cheaper on some items. For example:

  • 2 frozen orange juice @ $.99 ea (Grade C rather than Grade A) would save us $1.20.
  • 1 can of tomatoes @ $1.39 (but 13% daily sodium instead of 5%) would save us $.11
  • Plain yogurt @ $3.59 (not organic) would save us $.40
  • 1 can of no name baked beans @ $.79 would save us $.20
  • margarine instead of butter (didn’t even price out margarine, but I’m sure it would be cheaper)
We also could have bought smaller amounts of the bulk items, and of course, mayo that was full of crap. And obviously, feta is a luxury we could have done without.
Will do better next week.

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