week 3 – the list

sour cream $1.99
balsamic vinegar $3.99
2x frozen orange juice $1.19 ea
jumbo pack of perogies $4.68
1 can tomatoes $1.49
1/2 kg mushrooms $2.93
small cream $.99
3lb bag of onions $1.88
broccoli $.97
tomatoes $3.48
peanut butter $4.59
1 can maple brown beans $.99
bag of organic apples $3.99
1 litre of milk $1.69
loaf of pumpernickel bread $1.39
loaf of irish soda bread $1.39
TOTAL $38.82

Redemption! Total for the 3 weeks is $119.06 so we’re just a little under our allotted $120. However, I did eat out twice in Regina on the weekend, which cost about $25. Couldn’t be helped though. And still really pleased with our experiment. We’ve been much better about cooking for ourselves, and are wasting much less food than we typically do.


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