falling off the wagon

Had a stupid day yesterday, filled with people who I wanted to strangle. Instead either walked away from them or sent them an email to asking them politely to refrain from being horrid. Both apologized after, so that says something.

Anyway, the cure for my stupid day was a piece of old fashioned chocolate cake and a reviving cup of Earl Grey at Baked Expectations with my friend Elizabeth. And since I was falling off the wagon, I dragged O with me and took him home a piece of chocolate orange mousse cake. Total cost? $20. Yep. Food budget for the week blown in one frosting-filled evening.

It was so delicious. And I felt so much better. And we almost made it the entire month. But excuses, excuses. Will channel my guilt into summarizing our experiment next week.


One thought on “falling off the wagon

  1. Well, if you're gonna fall off the wagon, at least you fell off with some good quality stuff. 😉 Mmmm. Cake.And it makes a good point of contrast for your project. Two pieces of (really yummy) cake and a cup of tea costing a week's worth of groceries for one person? That's pretty scary. And might help to explain why a lot of folks who make pretty decent money are also having a hard time budgeting for food.

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