number seven: be an eco-freak

In honour of Earth Day, I’m skipping ahead to number seven. Ever notice that a lot of stuff that’s good for the environment seems to costs a fortune? Installing solar panels? Expensive. Buying a hybrid or electric car? Expensive. Buying organic food or clothing generally costs more.

But on the other side, there are a whole bunch of things you can do that not only save resources, they also save money. Here are a few ideas that cost absolutely nothing:

  1. If it’s yellow, let it mellow. I know some people think this is really gross, but we cut 1/5 off our water bill just by selective flushing.
  2. Shorter showers. Yep, it is possible. And use the pause button on your shower head if you have one.
  3. Turn down the thermostat and put on a sweater.
  4. Or conversely, turn off the air conditioning and take off some clothes!
  5. Hang laundry on the line to dry.
  6. Some people are freegans. I am not. But I have joined the local Fruit Share. For a bit of my time, I get fresh local fruit for free.
  7. Compost!
  8. Beware of energy vampires. Unplug or use a power bar that can be turned off.

And a few more that might cost you a bit in the beginning:

  1. Plant a vegetable garden. Will save you money on fresh produce as well as save the fossil fuel that would be needed to get those Gala apples from New Zealand to your supermarket (unless you live in New Zealand in which case change that to “from British Columbia to your supermarket”).
  2. Use rain barrels for watering. These can be expensive to buy, but the city where I live subsidizes them so they are quite affordable.
  3. Transport yourself actively. There may be some start-up costs if you don’t have a bike or good walking shoes, but you will make it up quickly in gas savings. Heck, this might save you the cost of a gym membership too.

Any other ideas?


2 thoughts on “number seven: be an eco-freak

  1. We were keeping a bucket in the shower – then using the water in our front native plant garden. We kind of lost momentum – but should try doing it again. With four of us showering (separately!) it is quite a bit of water. The chooks too – best (small) nvestment for this egg lover. David built the coop. They eat a lot of green scraps from the kitchen and veggie garden. I’ll add though that we have been lucky not to incur any vet costs thus far (3 years in) which I am sure would make a huge difference in my outlook.

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