number six: be sentimental

My friends know that I’m a big time suck. They also know that Marvin passed away in 2009 and they can probably guess that the new toaster is no where near as good. I confess that Marvin is still in the garage because I can’t bear to throw him out, but he’s enjoying his new life as a home for spiders.

The thing about Marvin is that he was a gift from someone awesome. From someone who is super considerate and noticed me smiling the first time I laid eyes on that darn toaster. From someone who knows that I’m not a morning person and that I had just moved into a new house and that my life was kinda upside down at that point. So it’s not Marvin per se…

What’s my point? Oh, ya. You can save yourself a heck of a lot of money by obtaining things that mean something to you in the first place. You like them more. They make you happy. They aren’t easily replaced by  new and shiny. Which is why I still ride the bike bought in 1989 with money left to me by my grandfather. And put my clothes in a dresser bought by my mom at a garage sale when she was pregnant with me. Saving myself $800 to $1000 just by being attached to those two items.

So embrace those perfectly worn in jeans! Love those boots that have stomped you all over town! Put cookies in the cookie jar you grew up with! Don’t wish you had something better…. there is nothing better than comfy jeans and fond memories.

(To clarify, not advocating hoarding. Marvin aside, when things have come to their natural ends I do replace them if they can’t be repurposed. I plan to fill my house with cats when I’m a crazy old lady, not a bunch of junk!)


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