number eight: do fun free stuff

Do fun free stuff with what you’ve got. Here’s my list:

  • Read all those books sitting on the shelf that I’ve always meant to get around to reading.
  • Indulge my knitting hobby  by using the piles of yarn I already own.
  • Learn all the ins and outs of my camera (which can do way more than point and shoot).
  • Ditto for iPhoto.
  • Go through my CD collection, upload the songs I like to my computer and then get rid of the CDs. Make money, clear out some clutter and rediscover some favorite old tunes!
  • Take the dog for a walk, go for a bike ride, weed the garden (yes, I actually find that fun).
  • Hang out with friends. Maybe in person, even.

Do fun free stuff around your city. There are lots of things going on in Winnipeg that you can do for free and I’m sure it’s like that in most cities. I went on a Jane’s Walk a couple of weekends ago. Might go to Assiniboine Park to watch the partial solar eclipse this Sunday. Unfortunately missed out on the free tickets to see Temple Grandin on May 24th. The Ellice Street Festival is coming up in June. As long as you’re okay with crowds (free events tend to attract a lot of people) there is a pretty endless list of things to do. A few more free things happening in Winnipeg:

Will work for fun. A friend of mine recently mentioned someone at her yoga centre who is doing energy work, meaning she volunteers at the centre in order to get free yoga classes. Brilliant! Have similarly volunteered at the Winnipeg Folk Festival and Brandon Folk Festival in order to get my gate fee comped. The best part is getting to meet a bunch of other volunteers, which makes the event just that much more fun.

Get creative. I’m not talking calling in to radio shows trying to win tickets here folks. I’m talking truly creative. A friend used to work at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. There was one guy she always noticed showing up all their free events. Or at least any that served free food. Then she was at a funeral and noticed the same guy at the reception afterwards. Again, partaking in the free food. When she mentioned it to her co-workers they all knew who she was talking about. Apparently he showed up regularly at any event where there was free food. Now I’m not advocating gate crashing per se but that’s the kind of creative I mean. Write some honkus. Host a crazy themed potluck (ya gotta eat anyway!). Will leave it up to you how far to go but would love to hear tales of your adventures!