another cheap garden idea

One of the drawbacks of living in Winnipeg’s West End is that the yards tend to be small. Julie, inspired by this site, has recycled shipping pallets to create a vertical veggie garden along her garage. An easy (and inexpensive) way to add more space!

(Photos by Julie’s lovely husband, Eric)


create a garden for cheap

In a word: scraps.

  1. I made these trellis / tent things from wood and nails that were saved when we took a wall down in our basement. The cukes, peas and mellons are totally diggin’ them. Bought the netting for $4.99.
  2. Wrapped the laundry pole with a small piece of chicken wire left over from one of my mom’s projects. Was very scratchy to put up but the beans planted around the base of the pole don’t seem to care. FREE!
  3. Compost bin built out of shipping pallets. FREE!
  4. Garden beds mostly built from pieces of wood left over from building the fence. The exception is the long bed. We didn’t have enough wood for three more beds so we just bought the long pieces. Can’t remember the exact cost but it was around $30.
  5. Window box made from basement wall wood, fence wood and wood that was just laying around the garage.
  6. The bricks came from three sources: our neighbour’s chimney demolition, an ad on kijiji and some that were in the debris pile that used to be our back yard. Between the garden beds we used pieces of cement. Our back lane was replaced a couple of years ago and every evening we would take the wheel barrow to the pile of clean fill at the end of the lane and pick out the pieces we wanted. Kept at it until we had enough.
  7. Garage sale find! Reminds me of a lounge chair we had when I was a kid. Still comfy after all these years and only cost $5.

As for plants, begging for donations is absolutely the cheapest way to go. This is especially easy with perennials. You can also buy perennials more cheaply towards the end of summer. Growing from seed is very inexpensive, you just need to be organized early in the spring.

Using rain barrels will help keep your water bill low but they can be very expensive to buy. The cheapest one currently on the Home Depot website is $79. I got one of mine for $30 through a city program and the other for $25 from a water conservation group. A quick search on kijiji comes up with rain barrels as cheap as $10. You can also make your own.

I did buy a liquid fertilizer this year but once my compost bin is rocking I’ll make compost tea for free.

I’ve also got some plants in pots. Mine have mostly been mooched from people who were moving and didn’t want to deal with a bunch of heavy terra cotta planters. But you can basically use anything, just make sure they have drainage!

and the nominees are…

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I will confess to having personally sampled many of the delectable dishes created by Maya so I’m probably a bit biased when it comes to nominating her blog. Although she has been an irregular poster lately, the archives are well worth reading through (and drooling over). I’m a long-time vegetarian but her photos and writing are so gorgeous that even I want to try the crab cakes!

Food Adventure Club

Keeping on the food theme, vegetarian this time. And with another confession… Sarah is my neighbour. But that doesn’t make her blog any less fabulous! She is also an irregular poster but again, that hardly matters when there is a mouth-watering archive.

West End Dumplings

Despite the title this is not a food blog (though Christian is also my neighbour, he just doesn’t know it). I LOVE this blog.  I have learned so much about the community where I live and about Winnipeg from his posts. I also totally appreciate all the photos he includes. This blog may have limited global appeal (do you have to be a Winnipegger or ex-pat to be interested in this town?!?) but hopefully it will inspire others. Every city need a dumpling!

Jumilla Productions

Okay, ya, I know Tracy too. I read her personal blog to keep up with what she and her lovely family are doing (and baking) but I’m nominating this blog because it is like reading a design magazine made especially for me. 70s childhood? Check. Love of modernist design? Check. Cute dog? Check. Gardening? Check. Desire to live a simple, uncluttered life filled with family and friends? Check and check. T – even though we are half a continent apart, you are always inspiring.

Minus Car Project

And finally, a blog that I have no personal connection to and that doesn’t include food (except possibly the coffee and donut ride). I’ve been following this blog for five or more years and although many of the posts center on Sioux Falls, they are nonetheless motivating. Plus I dig this guy’s sense of humour.