lose weight! save money!

Nothing like a virus to help with saving some cash. You don’t feel like eating so you don’t need to buy groceries. You’re not going out and doing anything so the entertainment budget doesn’t get spent. Plus there’s the added bonus of shedding the extra pounds you put on over the winter.

That has been my last half of July and the first half of August. After the first week, which was spent sleeping, most of my time has been filled watching movies and television series (big thanks to Elizabeth, Fatima and my sis for loaning me so many DVDs). Since I have nothing else to report, here are some mini-reviews.

True Blood
Watched the first three seasons and cannot go on. It is quite trashy and fun, and there are some terrific characters and fabulous performances but omg, Sookie gets so annoying. Why, oh why does she insist on doing the same stupid things over and over? Always with Bill or Eric coming to her rescue. Ultimately I began to dislike it in the same way I hate Wuthering Heights; Sookie and Bill are as dysfunctional and unlikeable as Cathy and Heathcliff. I did love the music and have downloaded a bunch of tunes. Current fave is Lake Charles by Lucinda Williams.

North & South
If you like Pride and Prejudice, you’ll probably like this one too. Intelligent and lively female of diminished means meets wealthy and brooding gentleman. They misunderstand and dislike each other. He falls love. She rejects him. She comes to understand and appreciate him. She comes into an inheritance (throw in a little Jane Eyre for good measure). She falls in love too. Happily ever after! Very much a BBC production and I enjoyed every moment.

If you can get past the bad language, this is an amazing series. The characters are so complex, the acting so incredible. Plus the series is complete, which is a huge bonus. I hate starting something and then having to wait for months in order to find out what happens.

Robin Hood
Quite bad. I think one of the biggest problems is the casting. Robin, Marian and their crew are cast too young in relation to the Sheriff and Gisborne. How old was Robin when he went off to the crusades? 12?!? It has a certain campy appeal, but like Camelot, it just doesn’t work.

Awesome! Really captures the spirit of the original stories. Benedict Cumberbatch is pitch perfect as Sherlock and Martin Freeman is a believable (and awfully cute) Dr. Watson.

Lord of the Rings (extended version)
Unlike some extended versions, all the extras are truly worthwhile in these films. The one thing that drove me crazy was the music, especially in The Fellowship of the Ring. I don’t remember it being so overwhelming when I saw the movie in the theatre but it kind of hits you over the head in the DVDs.

Harry Potter
I wasn’t expecting to be laid up for so long, so I watch the last two films. And then ended up watching the rest in reverse order. It is even more apparent when you watch them this way how much the characters grow up and grow as actors over the course of the series. Highly recommended, though next time I’ll view them from one to eight.


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