oh my


i heart culture days

Totally looking forward to Culture Days this weekend. Tons of stuff to do here in Manitoba and across the country. So much stuff, in fact, that I don’t know what to take in. We’re going to Nuit Blanche for sure but should we go to the WAG or the Museum? Leaning towards the WAG though I know it will be crowded and crazy. I’m also taking a French class so I’d like to do something en francais. And if I wasn’t such a horrible singer, I would totally go to this. Would need some 80s-style power rye and cokes first, though.

bike benefit calculator

CBC Manitoba has added the Bike Benefit Calculator to their website. This fun tool gives you a idea how much you can save over a year (in calories, bucks, and CO2) by riding your bike to work. Just enter the distance to work. Easy peasy.

There is lots “wrong” with this calculator, of course. It doesn’t take into account the type of car you drive, for example. And it rates your carbon footprint on the bike as zero. But it is still interesting to see what a BIG difference there is between the various modes of transportation.

free friday!

September is always a hard month financially. As a perma-student, there is tuition. Almost $900 for this first semester. And I bought my house in September so the house insurance is due. Just over $800. AND we got our dog from a shelter around this time, so her annual shots are coming up. Considering that my monthly income isn’t quite $1400, this is a lot to deal with all at once. Time to be über-frugal!

With my empty pocketbook firmly in mind, I managed to have an awesome time yesterday without spending any cash. The morning consisted of my usual routine of walking the dog and watering the garden, followed by some reading for school. In the afternoon I went swimming at the Sherbrook Pool. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy going for a swim and I’m sure I’ll do this regularly now that I’ve found out that all of the City of Winnipeg pools have free swimming times. The regular rate is $6 so going once  week would add up to $315 a year. I can definitely put that kind of cash to good use.

In the evening, I went with a friend to see the Circus of Objects at the Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art. The event itself was free but you could buy a light lunch or booze if you wanted. There are two mores Circuses coming up on September 21 and October 6 featuring entirely different performances. Not sure if I’ll go but I’ll be heading back to the Plug In to check out the rest of the My Winnipeg shows.