out frugaled!

Or should that be frugalled? In any case, I thought I needed new boots. Hows this for need?!?

old boots

My dear friend was walking around with her boots literally falling off her feet. And if that wasn’t frugal enough, she rescued these boots from a dumpster in the first place. It cost $35 to have the zippers replaced and then she had a great pair of boots for three years. Until the back seams split and the left sole started falling off. And even then she wondered if she could get them repaired! In the end, not being able to fit them in her suitcase was the deciding factor. They went into the garbage and she went home with a new pair of boots.

new boots
Gorgeous, expensive boots. But I approve because I don’t think being frugal is about being cheap. I think it is better, when possible, to spend the cash on something that is well made and that you love rather than a series of cheap things that you’ll toss out at the end of the season. And I have no doubt that my friend will love these boots for years; that she’ll have them re-soled and repaired and in 10 or 12 years time I’ll be able to take a picture of this pair, falling off her feet.


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