rejected…. again…

Something I haven’t talked about much is my long and fruitless search for meaningful employment. In November 2011, I finished my course work and started my thesis. I could totally have finished my thesis by now, but that’s another part of the story. The point is that in November 2011 I decided to start looking for work. It was not possible to work full-time and keep my scholarship so I focused on part-time jobs and occasionally applied for full-time, permanent positions that were jobs I’d want as a career. In only one case did I apply for a job I was under qualified for. In most cases, I was over qualified. I’ve been applying for between 4 and 6 jobs a month, so approximately 70 jobs in a 14 month period. I’m still looking…

I’ve had 4 job interviews. One in November 2011 and 3 since November 2012. There was a year long gap between the first and second interview, which I have to say, was pretty discouraging.

Today, I had rejection letter from my most recent interview. Unfortunately, it was a job I really wanted. As discouraging as my job hunt has been to this point, this one was the hardest to take. Tomorrow, when I’m not feeling so teary, I’ll call their HR person and get feedback on my interview.

This afternoon, I’m applying for 6 more jobs. One that would be great, one that I would take but would keep on looking for something more in line my interests, and 4 part-time term positions that would keep the money coming in while I apply for other jobs. My scholarship runs out in 9 weeks. I’m starting to panic. I know the government propaganda machine keeps telling us how great our economy is (compared to other places) and that our unemployment rate is down (partly because people have stopped looking and are no longer counted in the stats) but I’m just not feeling it. And neither are the dozen or so friends and classmates who are in the exact same position.

Which brings me to my thesis…. I’m having a really hard time working on it because it seems so completely pointless. Why do it when I’m not going to get a job out of it at the end? When I’ll just be another unemployed person with a masters in sociology? Or at best, another person with a sociology degree making your coffee? Grande skinny mocha, anyone?


3 thoughts on “rejected…. again…

  1. Make it a Venti Skinny Mocha? You are one of most employable people I know, so I find this situation very shocking. I think we have to keep up the intrinsic motivation for our graduate work, and hope that there is a change in government.

  2. **hugs**

    I have a new mantra (stolen from a movie trailer for a Judi Dench movie). I found it very helpful this past year. Maybe you will too ….

    “Everything will be all right in the end. So, if it’s not all right, then it’s not the end.”

    • Thanks for the encouragement. Spoke to the HR person today and I was a “close second”…. but haven’t decided if that makes me feel better or worse. Anyway, onward and upward, as they say. Have submitted two applications for wildly different positions. Now…. wait and see.

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