“dream crushing”

Holy shit. How did a middle class girl from a supportive family end up with $150,000 of student debt?!? I do not recommend going to school my way (i.e. at a snail’s pace, dragging out the process a long as possible and putting off higher earnings and pension contributions in order to stay out of debt) HOWEVER…. racking up a huge debt load is not the way to do it either!

Her parent’s are clearly debt-aderse, so how did she end up in this situation? Banks kept loaning her money, for one thing. Looking at her nice clothes, nice hair, nice toys, I’m guessing that a good chunk of her money did not go to tuition and books. But I think she brings up a really important point at the end: we need to talk about this more. It’s easy to criticize her and the many others coming out of university with massive debt and shaky job prospects, but the consequences affect all of us, not just the poor (literally) grads.

I think we not only need to talk about student debt, but also our system of higher education. I say this as someone who is currently part of the system, and who has no idea what kind of job I’ll be able to find in seven months time. It is in the universities’ financial interest to keep cranking out grads, but is it in ours?



two soapboxes

Soapbox 1: Was strolling through Superstore a couple of weeks ago and there were two displays, side by side, in the clothing area. 100% cotton, white, men’s tank tops for $6. Two feet to the right, 100% cotton, white, women’s tank tops for $8. Any difference? A small one… A-back vs racer-back. Oh, c’mon! Yes, I know it’s only 2 bucks, but why is the women’s tank 25% more expensive. Well, I guess it’s because. That’s right… because.

Soapbox #2: In a related rant, $6? $8? I think John Oliver can do a much better job on this one than me. See also: article in Huffington Post.