living clean and dirty

When I started grad school, I knew that the last semester was going to be financially tough. I will more or less run out of money mid-October. Have a small GIC coming due October 25th that will allow me to squeak through to December 12th but it really will be squeaking through.

Although living like this is incredibly stressful, it has meant that I’m doing some seriously clean living this year as one by one I have been giving up my vices. Stopped drinking booze in January (except for the odd beer at a school social event). Stopped eating chips, jelly bellies and basically any other store bought junk in September. Have two bags of coffee on the shelf but once I get through those, I’ll be drinking tea until the tea runs out. Have seriously curbed my cheese habit and will give it up altogether if I need to. Less alcohol, less caffeine, less fat, less sugar, less salt…. I’m sure my body is thanking me.

Since I’m only here for 83 more days (but who’s counting?) I also don’t want to stock up on anything. Trying to make my shampoo and conditioner, dish soap, laundry detergent and cleaning products last until I leave. Now that my hair is longer and I’m not using so much product, I’ve stopped washing it everyday. As for cleaning, if the first two semesters are anything to go by, it all kinda goes to shit in the last month anyway. This is not exactly the way I want to be living but it’s all for the greater good. Right?!?

And now, a song that sums up my feelings on being broke: