go-go version

Was looking for a good version of this song to celebrate my upcoming birthday. “Another day older and deeper in debt” seems to sum up my both the year I’m leaving and the one I’m heading into. I was leaning towards Johnny Cash when I stumbled on the go-go version (WTF?!?) by Ernie Ford. It’s so odd. Are those dancers wearing coal miner’s daughters costumes? And could they be any more¬†happy about owing their souls to the company store? Anyway… enjoy!


i’m baaaa-aack!

Back in school, that is. Again.¬†And back to living hand-to-mouth. So let’s celebrate with a song!

For pretty much all of my adult life, whenever I’m most broke (like, so broke that I want to run out and be crazy irresponsible and buy new shoes and eat fancy food and splurge on an expensive bottle of gin… like, that kinda broke) THIS is the song I get in my head.


in the ghetto – nick cave version

Because how could I choose Elvis over Nick?

Sideburns? Elvis.
Swagger? Nick.
Stagger? Nick.
Drop dead gorgeous? Elvis. Even with that giant collar.
Drop dead cool? Nick.
Sweatiness? Elvis. That counts as a point for Nick, by the way.
Hair? Don’t make me choose…
Best pronunciation of the word “mama”? Elvis, for sure.
Smoothest voice? Elvis.
Drug habit? It’s a tie…..

See? Got to include them both.