Poor Cate’s Guide to Frugal Living

2015 marks my 11th year of university. No, I’m not going for some kind of super degree, I’m just that slow.  My goal has always been to put myself through and graduate with no debt. This year flushed that goal down the toilet. New goal: keep debts to an absolute minimum. Check back in 2016 to see how that worked out.
University has filled my head with book learnin’  and made me so SMRT. But being perpetually broke has made me frugal. Over the past decade has helped me developed some internal guidelines that help me stay financially afloat(ish). Other than number 1, in no particular order:
  1. Pay your bills first.
  2. Operate on a cash only basis.
  3. Know the difference between wants and needs.
  4. Think critically.
  5. Be confident.
  6. Be sentimental.
  7. Be an eco-freak.
  8. Do fun free stuff.
  9. Take on challenges.
  10. Think of the greater good.

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